Message from Chairman

Sree Sankara Vidya Nikethan English Medium School

Chairman's Message

Education is the complete manifestation of perfection already within man."As the quote aptly testifies the aim of real education is to offer selflessly the best to the society, to lead one to the attainment of inner tranquility.This can be accomplished through providing the right form of education to our budding generations which instills moral and ethical values in them,ensures proper character building and broaden their outlook towards the society.

It helps our children to tread the path of righteousness,to realize their dreams to find meaningful expression of their innate gifts and to attain their fullest potentials.With this aim we provide our children a balanced harmonious environment where they get ample opportunity to put into practice what they have learned -academic and cultural.

It's a great sense of pride and pleasure to inform you all that the number of students seeking admissions has been increasing every year.The parents have responded that the dedication and devotion of Sree Sankara Vidya Nikethan in providing quality education in an atmosphere of equality devoid of politics or religious discriminations have enabled them to take the right choice for their children

We ensure you that we will inculcate an integrated outlook in our children ,nurture the sense of right citizenship and instill in them the qualities of love and dedicated service.We understand that educating the intellect without educating the heart is of no value.Let us all join hands to impart real education to future citizens of our country.