Sree Sankara Vidya Nikethan English Medium School

About Us

Sree Sankara Seva Trust (SSST) is a registered charitable trust. SSST is running and managing Sree Sankara Vidya Nikethan English Medium School (SSVNEMS). The school is situated in Kuttiattor village in Kannur district of Kerala.

It is a different school of education. A school with distinct features. It functions along the line of the best schools in Kerala and aims at implementing the standards of best international schools.

Knowledge is power. It eradicates ignorance and creates a civilized outlook. This can be attained through proper education by instilling human values. SSVNEMS is a unique educational institution which provides exemplary quality education to all children hailing from various socio-cultural and economic background.

We provide the student with holistic education and assist them to be on a par with their fellow beings. Here the students acquire an excellent education deep rooted in our culture and tradition.